Tobacco & Smoking use is leading cause of preventable deaths all over the world. Each year tobacco & smoking kills 40,00,000 people. 2500 Indians die everyday due to tobacco related diseases. If you use tobacco, you are likely to die 15 years earlier. Tobacco affects all the organs in the body from head to toe. Smoking brings disease not just for yourself but also for your family. It affects your health, and that of others around you. It causes staining of teeth, bad odour, cancer in mouth, lungs and stomach, breathing problems, high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke, asthma and breathing problems etc.

DENTEM has taken an initiative to open Tobacco and Smoking Cessation Clinic where we provide a customized programme to offer successful quit attempt.

Who can enroll in the Dentem:

  • Smokers (cigarettes, bidis, hukka, pipe, cigar)tobacco-cessation-clipart-1
  • Tobacco chewing (Khaini, gukta, pan masala, zarda, paan with tobacco)

We offer services including individual intervention in the form of behavioral counseling and medications.

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT:- 011-41755052/011-26155052/53